Downloads sims 4: Accessory Toy Kitty Male /Female


  1. I hate cats but this is cute!
    keep it up

  2. I love this, is it possible to get a smaller version for the sim to wear on their shoulder? and one for a toddler to hug? I'm making some characters based off of the manga Usotsuki Lily and I need to have the tiger "Rawr" for the girl to hug as a toddler/child as a plush this size and one smaller for her shoulder as she is teen and up. Sorry if its asking for to much but I saw this and instantly was excited cause its sooooo close to what I need.

    I'm downloading this one anyways as well cause its cute and I appreciate your work.

    Thank you for your work and for reading/considering my request... <3

      ♥♥♥Thank you so much for downloading